Robert Prester

The second CD of Rob Prester original jazz music. An extensive and impressive production featuring more of Rob’s unique compositions- Some R&B, funk, fusion, ballads, and latin. Recorded with all-star personel including Dave Mann and Dean Brown

This is a boutique collection of Robert Prester originals, all written in the period shortly after the release of Prester's first recording, "Trillium". Having recorded "Trillium" live to digital 2-track, and enjoying the live energy of that recording process, he wanted to delve into a full production approach to his second recording, "Triceratops". Much attention was paid to detail in the selection of synthesizer sounds, each custom tailored to produce an effect and mood for the particular composition it was used in. For some of the tunes, live drums triggered midi drum sounds to enhance specific components of the drum set while maintaining the energy and feel of the live playing. The title track, "Triceratops", exemplifies Prester's production intentions for this compilation and merges the industrial and metallic sounds of urban living with organic overtones of the prehistoric world.

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