Prester/Samargia Jazz Project

Steinway Piano Gallery, 7940 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton

About Robert and Adriana: Individually, Robert and Adriana are both busy solo musicians performing in a wide variety of classical and jazz venues in Florida, and internationally.  Together, they form a tightly knit, highly stylized musical unit of voice and piano, performing an eclectic blend of classic jazz, great American Songbook tunes, and Brazilian jazz.   Adriana’s angelic voice and highly articulate improvisations, coupled with Robert’s tasty harmonic accompaniments and solo virtuosity, create a unique and exciting sound that entertains those of all ages.  

Adriana Samargia is a south Florida classical and jazz musician. Along with a busy solo career she has been the Director of Music Ministries at Historic St. Ann Roman Catholic Church of West Palm Beach since 2005, where she directs all masses, funerals, weddings, leads choirs and trains soloists. She founded her vocal ensemble The Parson Brown Singers in 2001 and enjoys a wide array of performances with them including choreographed “flash mobs” advertising international corporations.  For recording projects in the early ’90’s she was honored with Downbeat Magazine’s Best Jazz Vocal Soloist award.  Adriana’s talents have spread to cartoon, television and radio through recorded roles and jingles – even voices inside of toys! 

Robert Prester began classical piano studies at the age of 3, later adding jazz to his repertoire.  Robert received quarter finals nomination for the 1988 Grammy awards for his first recording, Trillium.  His most recent recording Dogtown, presents Robert’s newest compositions, featuring his jazz and latin-jazz piano work.  Robert has performed solo concert recitals in New York, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.  His newest classical composition, a solo piano sonata, was recently premiered at the Festival Internacional de San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, and was performed at the National Gallery in Washington DC.  He now resides in Florida, teaching, recording, composing, and concertizing.  

20.00 at the door