The Prester/Fest Brazilian Jazz Duo

Steinway Piano Gallery, 7940 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton

The “Prester, Fest Brazilian Jazz Duo is a collaboration of 2 uniquely different talents and instruments, with a singular vision....  Brazilian jazz performed at it's highest level with authenticity, sophistication and passion.  Bossa Nova classics and originals by Manfredo Fest, Phill Fest and Robert Prester form the  exquisite and unique repertoire to which these 2 musicians each contribute their signature sound.  Manfredo Fest was a key component of the bossa nova movement from Brazil in the mid 60's.  His music and legacy,  now carried forward by his son, guitarist Phill Fest, contribute greatly to this ensemble's timeless and traditional sound.  Piano and guitar share and trade off rhythmic and improvisational duties, while also each offering their rich harmonic support in this well balanced duo. All this, along with classic repertoire and original compositions, makes for a colorful and uplifting experience you will not soon forget!   Robert Prester; piano,   Phill Fest;  guitar   

20.00 at the door, cash only, (no credit cards)